Bernetta Champagne Satin Skirt

Bernetta Champagne Satin Skirt

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A signature classic Rimpy Sahota style, the Bernetta skirt is a staple for every closet. This skirt is made with luxurious high quality, stretch satin which will bring some glamour into your wardrobe.  The Bernetta is lined with contouring lining making it the perfect slim fitting mid length skirt designed to fit every body type, regardless of shape or size.  Designed to be worn all day, our Bernetta skirt can be comfortably worn to work, then to dinner as the contour lining ensures to create the perfect silhouette.

  • 75% Rayon / 22% Spandex / 3% Nylon

  • Lining: 90% Polyester / 10% Elastic

  • 6" Zipper

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